What on Earth is a MicroService?


Today, I’m joined by Justin, Senior Software Engineer at ParTech. And with his help, he walks me through a high-level explanation (by way of Italian food) of what a MicroService is!

Highlighted Topics

  • What were you doing before getting into BackEnd professionally?
  • Going from a Monolithic Architecture to MicroServices – tell me what that was like?
  • My monolithic code already works – why do we need to do this?
  • How do you have narratives, conversations or presentations in regards to saving money?
  • What on Earth is a MicroService?
  • Are you still supporting any backwards compatibility?
  • In your experience, what kind of gotchas are you looking at when it comes to implementing?
  • From an individual contributor perspective, has there ever been a tipping point in your MicroServices journey where you just wanted to pull your hair out?
  • Outside of MicroServices, how are you doing in this pandemic world?

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