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Apply a Rewrite Directive to a Solr Instance

After exposing the Solr endpoint with a reverse proxy, it’s important to note that it also exposes the Solr admin panel to the end-user. This is not desired.

Flowchart of a RewriteRule directive that rests on’s httpd.conf file.

Flowchart of a RewriteRule directive that rests on’s httpd.conf file.


  • Solr’s admin panel becomes exposed from the reverse proxy.


RewriteRule ^/solr/$ / [R=301,L,DPI]

Reverse Proxy a Solr Instance

It’s encouraged that you secure your Solr instance by placing the application on a different file server and behind a firewall. That’s an issue if you are trying to consume data from the Solr instance leveraging AJAX techniques.


Flowchart of a reverse proxy directive that rests on’s httpd.conf file.


  • and Apache Solr live on separate boxes.
  • A firewall protecting Apache Solr plus the cross-domain issue does not expose the necessary end-point to consume via AJAX.
  • Depending on your sys admin setups, Solr may not live on a fully qualified domain (ie.
  • An AJAX call to consume the Solr instance’s JSON/XML won’t work cross-domain.


  • Reverse Proxy directive, mod_proxy – Apache HTTP Server
  • This allows for an endpoint that is visible to the browser and we can consume the JSON/XML that rests within the Solr instance.

ProxyPass /solr
ProxyPassReverse /solr

Don’t forget to apply a RewriteRule Directive to protect the Solr admin panel, once you’ve exposed it to the browser!

Simple PHP Proxy returns incorrect JSON from Apache Solr instance

I’ve implemented Ben Alman’s simple-proxy.php to communicate to an Apache Solr instance (in this case my local) outside of my domain.

I’ve followed the instructions in full, the core of which is to set the simple-proxy.php on my domain’s file server.

I’m curious on if there are any modifications that must be made to the proxy in order for the response to be in the correct format?

View on Stackoverflow.