Testimonials – Thermo Fisher Scientific

Mark and I worked together on a very large initiative to implement a responsive website. We worked very closely together as I was the lead business analyst and he was the lead front-end developer for the project. We faced many challenges with the project’s timeline and scope, but regardless of the situation, Mark always maintained a can-do attitude while delivering ahead of schedule. Since the project entailed the entire website, we needed a very knowledgeable individual who would be able to help direct the team on understanding the technical details. Mark was the perfect individual for this role and expedited the discovery phases immensely.

Justine Dinh – worked with Mark in different groups

I had the pleasure collaborating with Mark on numerous enhancements within Thermo Fisher e-commerce platform. Mark’s showed exceptional ability to take the lead within his own team to deliver solutions, quick thinking on critical issues a d deadlines, and outside the box to deliver impossible solutions was paramount to the fast pace that was required utilizing Full Agile SCRUM within our team. I would collaborate with Mark again without question.

Rishi Dave – worked with Mark in different groups

Mark joined us nearly two and a half years ago and helped form the front-end development team, officially known as the “FEDs.” Off the bat, Mark showed great skill in his ability to produce quality work and has since grown tremendously, including becoming our in-house expert in the mobile web space. He now helps to collaborate with our various development teams and is actively working as the primary developer on a high-stakes project.

Max Morgan – was senior to Mark but didn’t manage directly

I had the pleasure of working with Mark in his role as a developer at Thermo Fisher Scientific where I was the project manager for an Agile program. Mark exhibited an exceptional understanding of Agile methodology. He always went above and beyond to work with the team to deliver as much as possible in our sprints. Mark’s dedication to the team and the product backlog helped the product owner and business to realize many highly impactful enhancements in a relatively short period of time.

Roxanne Hammar – worked with Mark in the same group

His working knowledge of JavaScript and frontend development, debugging skills, and ability to work seamlessly within our Java/JSP framework was impressive and no doubt contributed to the project success. He is also very professional in his attitude and communications with everyone. In conclusion, I highly recommend Mark Reyes for any frontend/JavaScript work and would be a valuable addition to any project/team. 

David Lu – worked with Mark in different groups

I worked with Mark on a project which was Thermo Fisher’s first attempt to deliver to a mobile experience for our customers utilizing responsive techniques on our Life Sciences Group eCommerce engine. This project operationalized responsive mobile delivery for all eCommerce projects moving forward. It required new skill sets to be developed by the team and training the trainers was an obvious component of our endeavor. My role was project manager and Mark’s was developer lead. Mark clearly showed his ability and clearly excelled in the title of “Lead Developer Role” by being a coach, establishing training materials in addition to project deliverables, and developing the foundation that the enterprise will utilize on all future customer facing eCommerce projects. Mark was self managed and hungry for learning this very valuable skill set.

Ray Bujarski – worked with Mark in different groups