About Me

Mark Reyes

About Me

On a daily basis, there are more than a handful of things running through my mind once the caffeine kicks in. Is this new technology the latest and greatest or just the flavor of the month? What idioms from different programming languages cross over into my realm? How big is my bug queue? Did we groom our backlog? Are my estimates accurate? Do I even have a comp? Will my solution scale?

I’m in depth with the presentation layer of your web experience. But before ever diving into code, I’d need to first understand your core business.

years in web, with the last in front-end web development. I’ve been hands-on with publicly traded companies such as Sony Electronics, The Active Network, Bridgepoint Education and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

I’m currently working on new web application initiatives for SleepScore Labs—a joint venture between Dr. Oz, ResMed and private equity firm Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P. SleepScore Labs is focused on helping people understand and improve their sleep.

Exploring Remote-First organizations and opportunities within San Diego (North County). Review my experience summary or email me now to learn more!

If you have time, please check out a few other topics which are near and dear to my heart: bone marrow donations for my friend, tapping cancer out and my tech podcast.