San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum


Today, I’m joined by Krishna Kabra, CEO of the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum. And in this discussion, we go head first into the spectrum of STEAM programs and events offered for the parents and children of San Diego.

Highlighted Topics

  • Introducing Krishna Kabra
    • Name, role and how long you’ve been part of SDCDM
  • A quick summary of SDCDM
    • What’s the overall goal of SDCM?
    • How long has SDCDM been around?
    • How did Escondido get to headquarter such a gem?
    • Your personal favorites about SDCDM (e.g. a certain exhibit, activity, event, etc.)?
    • What would you say are your guaranteed offerings/strengths of the museum?
    • Family Space Night Questions:
      • What were the challenges of putting an event like this together during COVID era?
      • What types of resources do you look out for on behalf of children’s education/fulfillment?
      • How do you know if an event is successful for the children?
  • Call-to-actions for our listeners
    • What future events should we be aware of in relation to STEAM curriculum?
    • Best way to follow you on the latest and greatest?
    • How to get a membership and/or support?
    • Are there other museum affiliations which provide discounts on entry?


Here are the resources Krishna mentioned earlier on Institute of Biomimicry and a talk by Sir Ken Robinson, where he makes a case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity.

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