All The Things


More coffee, more coffee, more coffee!

My inbox is flooded. I haven’t caught up. I’ve short circuited my anxiety by marking all as read, even though that’s definitely not the case. So let’s take a look at what’s so important in a few short minutes.

Highlighted Topics

  • Chrome Reaches 100 (Congrats. Can you get social security?)
  • Understanding Layout Algorithms (Algo…what?)
  • Dominate Your Lighthouse Score in Next.js Applications (If slow, go fast)
  • Those HTML Attributes You Never Use (Then why are they there?)
  • Mozilla’s Vision for the Evolution of the Web (PTSD from IE)
  • What’s New in Node Core (In other words, what’s old about Node Core.)
  • Electron 18 Released (I’m not even on Electron 1.)
  • Build Serverless APIs with Node.js and AWS Lambda (If someone says Kubernetes, I’m flipping the table.)
  • How to Upload PDF Files to Azure Storage From Node (How to upload more time into my life)
  • Parcel v2.4.0 Released: The Zero Config Build Tool (Zero config, zero config, zero config…sounds too good to be true.)
  • The Tao of Node: On Design, Architecture and Best Practices (The Yoga of JavaScript)
  • An Introduction to AWS CloudFront Functions (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
  • Finally, Cloud Without Complexity (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, part 2)
  • Building a Loading Bar Component (Patience is the essence of fine Mexican food.)
  • Website Themes and Color Schemes (Apologies to all of my color-blind friends.)
  • HTML and CSS in Emails: What Works in 2022? (One big image.)
  • CSS Blossoming Flowers at Magical Night (Shrooms, shrooms, shrooms.)
  • Dino 1.20 Released (This project is still going…nice.)
  • Remix vs. Next.js (Chris Rock vs Will Smith.)
  • Emoji Button: A Vanilla JavaScript Emoji Picker (😏, 😏, 😏.)
  • An ECMAScript Proposal for Type Annotations in JavaScript (John Resig…where are you? We need you.)
  • Web Animation Performance Fundamentals – How to Make Your Pages Look Smooth (More cowbell.)
  • Say Hello to selectmenu, a Fully Style-able select Element (Now that’s cool.)
  • Progressive Enhancement, the new Hotness (Splash cold water.)
  • Big Images, Blazingly Fast (Like I said…one big image.)
  • How Much CO2 Does Creating a 1,000-Word Piece of Content Cause? (Who has time to calculate that???)
  • Browser Vendors ‘Working Together on Interop 2022’ (A/S/L.)
  • Explain the First 10 Lines of Twitter’s Source Code to Me (No.)

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