Testimonials – SleepScore Labs

Mark is a joy to work with. Not just because he’s great fun, but the way he works makes collaboration a dream; his work always comes with clear documentation, he’d always ping me when he’d spot something I should be aware of and his knowledge of web development meant he’d always make good decisions.

Brian O’Mullane – worked with Mark in the same group

His ability to explain software development and scope to me as a marketer and have it be easily understandable was a great help. Outside of software development, Mark was great to work with, was always receptive, and made himself available to any questions I had for him.

Chris Garner – worked with Mark in the same group

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark for 3 years, and I can say he is easily one of the easiest people to work with across so many different projects. His ability to clearly express project requirements across functions makes for a seamless way of working, allowing for more efficient and transparent ways of working even amid tight deadlines and competing priorities.

Leah Perri – worked with Mark in different groups

Mark is a person who you can always rely on, he’s the one who always meets a deadline, he’s the one who’s open for a new challenges, he’s the one who’s ready to help.

Yana Nester – worked with Mark in the same group

If reliability and accountability are high on your requirements from your web development leadership, then Mark should be on your roster. His ability to handle stressful situations with calmness and shades of humor is unparalleled.

Jason Burg – worked with Mark in different groups

I would highlight Mark being an amazing team player with a positive attitude who balanced well between handling the technical complexity of developing a data product while kept pace with aggressive timelines and delivering a commercial product in what at times were a chaotic environment.

Ansel Raj – worked with Mark in different groups

Mark is great person to work with, which is an expert when it comes to Web Development. He always produced top quality products and if he didn’t know how to do something, he had the tenacity to figure it out and solve the problem promptly. He is very thorough and committed to ensure that all projects he works on are completed to the satisfaction of the client. He used time wisely to understand the desired end results before jumping to conclusions, and his projects always over-delivered on promises made, typically with better insight and results than the original requests.

Miguel Moran – managed Mark directly

Solutions. That is what Mark delivers. He is the team member that everyone wants. Mark shows creativity, inspires others and delivers results within budget and on-time. When you add Mark’s cooperative attitude and joyful presence he is a can’t miss for any development team.

Kevin Raymond – worked with Mark in the same group

I’ve had a great opportunity to work with Mark on 2 product launches in less than a year and enjoyed his motivation and effort. Mark’s talent, passion and positivity as a web developer made him a valuable member of our team. He went above and beyond to get the job done while applying quality to his day to day work.

Sara Roshan – worked with Mark in the same group

He was the quintessential team player, who believes strongly in empowering people to be able to understand how to make web changes for themselves, for the sake of teaching everyone how to use the tools in front of them. At the same time, he was extremely accessible, always available to answer questions or help out on a new initiative. He’s a very out-of-the-box thinker who excels at taking a goal and finding a sensible roadmap to get there whether that’s by taking on a project himself, or coordinating efforts to bring a team in and work together to accomplish that goal.

Annette Giordano – worked with Mark in the same group