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The Loaded Question


What’s up everyone and welcome back to AllWebSD. As 2021 unpacks itself the recruiting season is once again in full swing. And as companies unleash their budgets for their next round of hires its a no-brainer that you may get a call. Sometimes its a tech recruiter gauging your interest. But every now and again you might get called because someone marked you as a professional reference.

And that’s what leads me into tonight’s topic.

You see, that very much happened just a few hours ago and one question in particular felt like an awkward one to answer.

The Loaded Question

What are some of his/her weaknesses?

– Hiring Manager

Dear Recruiters

What can I say? Obviously, if someone inks me in as a professional reference, I intend on outlining the brightest attributes about this person. I’m going to deliver, in real-time, a series of bullet points as to why this person is more than qualified for the role on hand. I’m not placed on a short-list to bad mouth my peer. I was called to spotlight what could help you make a more informed decision.

That said, I’m not foolish on the inquiry either. I understand that to even get this far into the conversation, my peer must have done well enough to make it to that next step.

But what gives? I’m hard-pressed to find something sensical with this specific question. What does a question like this serve? Where would you like me to begin? How does my answer play into the company’s philosophy? Better yet, how does my answer play into the Hiring Manager’s psychology?

Dear Listeners

This is definitely food for thought. And I have to throw it out there into the universe and ask…how on Earth do you answer the loaded question? And is honesty an effective solution which can surpass the inherent negative bias?

Think about it and let me know!

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Vue Components in 5 Steps or Less

What’s up everyone and welcome to Season 4, Episode 2. I guess this episode is more of a heads up in that, I’ve been revisiting VueJS. And with version 3 recently released, its’ once again become a premier option in JavaScript frameworks. I’ve noticed more so that Vue and React’s community continue to push each other’s frameworks into the next level, whereas Angular is definitely blazing its own unique path.

That said, I wanted to brush up quickly but I also didn’t want to spend any more money on subscriptions.

Hence, when I stumbled onto Vue School, I was very excited to see that they had an abundance of free courses designed for all levels. I encourage you to check them out at if you have a moment. I do not have an affiliation with them. This is simply a courtesy.

On my behalf I went ahead and did some of their tutorials – all of which were straightforward and under an hour to complete. It was well worth it!

Feel free to check out 2 articles I wrote with source code and demo attached regarding Vue components. The goal here was to get a grasp of reusable components and implement them in 5 steps or less.

Cheers and happy coding!

Thanks again for listening in. Remember, I’m here to foster innovation through conversation. So if you’d like to continue this discussion or any topics previously discussed, join me at San Diego Tech Hub and go head first into the AllWebSD Group. It’s totally free. Just visit this link or click San Diego Tech Hub on the footer of Thanks and Aloha!

Mahalo and Aloha 2020

Dear 2020,

I had to be sure. I had to be sure to not write this in advance because I needed definitive proof that you were effectively put to rest. And here I am. Alive, but with scars nonetheless. And the impact you caused mankind over the last 12 months can only be so coldly explained as, it is what it is.

But YOU for sure…were the cruelest of moments. I thank my lucky starts that I didn’t fall into quicksand because it very much felt like the world was disappearing right beneath me. Our response to adversity is what will define our generation. And thus far, despite the chaos, I do very much see light at the end of this tunnel. And I am at peace knowing things will never be the same…again.

It honestly baffles me. Pages from MCU forced its way into our reality. I’d be lying if I said Thanos had nothing to do with this horrific year. Spearheaded by a global pandemic, a recession, civil unrest and political divide you forced me to either do nothing…or choose a side.

So let it be known that today…I’ve chosen.

I choose to be David rather than Goliath. Live and let live. I choose to accept that tribalism will always exist and to read between the lines, rather than judging an article by its title. I will show up each and every day, to try and fail rather than not trying…at all.

I’m here to look at my family and friends as family and friends again, rather than family and friends that voted for him or her. I choose to trust the results from observations and experiments over a period of time. But I have no shame in admitting that I’ll look up at the heavens for a bit more.

This past year has been too much for me to comprehend. But TLDR is a short-sighted technique in understanding just what the fuck happened in the last 365 days. Although once again, Einstein would enforce that time is simply relative, today is the day I disagree.

Today is officially my Day 1. There will be no other Day 1. This is it. And whatever becomes of it from this day forward will also be it is what it is but with one silver lining attached. I will always remember the struggles and hardships made, carry its pain and see it through.

As long as I am of sound mind and body, I will continue.

Mahalo and Aloha, 2020 🤙🏾