Other Testimonials

Mark was academically excellent, dedicated, loyal and ethical student. Multitalented – from writing excellent poetry to designing and developing web pages, Mark exemplified a driven, diligent (and happy!) student who is to obtain the right tools to become an effective visual communicator.

Marketa Hancova – was Mark’s teacher

Mark was hired to assist me with marketing efforts for one of the largest websites in it’s vertical, and from day one impressed me with his ability to learn quick, stay accurate and improve on existing methodology. After my promotion to director of our department, Mark took over full responsibility for our interactive marketing efforts and we never missed a beat. His humor, inventiveness and work ethic made him an invaluable asset to our team.

Adam Jones – managed Mark directly

It has been my distinct pleasure to have Mark Reyes as a college student under my instruction at Platt College. Mark exhibits a solid work ethic, with a “can do” attitude. Mark is a highly reliable worker, who always goes beyond the extra mile to perform and meet all expectations. His work is constantly of the highest quality and meticulously executed. Aside from his positive work ethic and work quality, Mark is a very personable easy going person, who gets along with everyone.

Edward Boretz – was Mark’s teacher

I would highly recommend Mark. He has a great eye for design, is a quick learner and works with people really well. 

Mike Matamala – was Mark’s teacher

Mark is a very creative, self-motivated individual. He is always keeping himself ahead of the curve with a drive to constantly learn new things. 

Dan Robert – classmate at Platt College