Red Pill, Blue Pill (Web3 Edition)


Today marks a temporary pause of the Podcast as I go head first into figuring out what on Earth Web3 is all about. I’ll be in the trenches of code once again and when I come up for air, I’ll be sure to come back through audio to give back my findings.

Red Pill

Let’s face it…the web is once again in transition. The meta verse, cryptocurrency, the blockchain, NFTs and more. It’s a bit murky for me at this point when I hear these buzzwords but my curiosity is leading me back to the sandbox to go play. I’ll be suspending this project for the near-term but when I come back, rest assured it will be another 5 episode season, which, for better or worse, spotlights my findings on what I’ve stumbled upon with Web3.

Special Thanks

All things considered, I hit 40 episodes in total. Awesome! A big thanks goes out to all of my previous guests, to the San Diego Tech Hub community for giving this domain a place to call home and to you, the listener, for giving this podcast a chance.

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