Testimonials – Active Network

Mark was was one of the most reliable employees I have had the pleasure of managing. Once given a task, he meticulously works through all the details, keeping deadlines in mind and delivering features ahead of schedule. He is able to multi-task different projects and deliver high quality features, whether it be user experience, design, or implementation focused. Mark is a quick learner with a continuous desire to improve himself. This was readily apparent when he was able to implement a redesign of a Rails site in a single three week sprint, with minimal prior Ruby on Rails experience.

Chris Ferguson – managed Mark directly

He is super efficient and fast, very technical yet creative, amazing problem-solver and extraordinary team player with a natural sense of urgency. Mark goes above and beyond to ensure his work meets deadlines and exceeds expectations; he clearly communicates any obstacles and finds solutions and/or offers alternatives.

Katerina Suchkova – worked with Mark in the same group