Testimonials – Veyo & MTM

Mark is a quick study and is willing to give you 100% of his effort. He strives to do tasks correctly, and is not afraid of what it will take to do so. He’s knowledgeable on JavaScript and would be an asset that could be easily plugged into to any front-end role. Without a doubt, he is a team player!

Dan Blakeslee – worked with Mark on the same team

It was a pleasure working with Mark! He was a great mentor to me and always provided me great comments and suggestions on my code reviews which helped me write better code following best practices. 

Alex Aveldanez – worked with Mark but on different teams

I strongly recommend Mark as a front-end engineer/Angular expert! He joined a fully remote team at Veyo and immediately added value, solving tricky front-end issues that had been lingering for some time. He has led the front-end work for several major improvements to various systems, both internal and customer facing. Mark is a flexible and collaborative teammate, mentors others and evangelizes front end best practices. 

Beth Frost – managed Mark directly