Set Up The Startup


Today I’m joined by Gabe Balanag, Tech Consultant servicing the LA and SD marketplaces. And with his help, he spotlights the most common gotchas new businesses experience as they set forth with their startups.

One example, is if you have 26 or more employees, you need to have at least 80 hours of sick leave time that you’re able to give to your employees.

Gabe Balanag regarding new laws caused by COVID-19

Highlighted Topics

  • Gabe, here’s the situation…I want to start my own business. A startup if you will. Across the board, what would you say are the critical areas new businesses ask of you for things needed?
    • W2, 1099, etc.
    • Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
    • Human Resources
    • Healthcare
    • Action items that can be done independently by an employee
    • Recent trends and behaviors seen by both employer and employee

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