Go Phish

Welcome to the Season 2 Finale of the allwebSD podcast. I’m joined today by Security Engineer, Developer but more importantly one of my best friends and brothers from another mother. I’ve grown up with this guy since my high school days. I will not tell you when I went to high school cause I don’t want to date myself, but ya Michael Jordan was still the King…still is the King and we’ll leave it at that.

This is Edel John Marcelino of Beacon Cloud Solutions, a local cyber security company out of San Diego.

Look at it (digital data) like you would anything else…I’m sure everyone still has file cabinets full of paper files…if I lost those paper files, what would happen?

Edel John Marcelino, Engineer at Beacon Cloud Solutions

Highlighted Topics

  • Comparing data security from the past (2008) to now (2020).
  • Remember Target and Home Depot Credit Card breaches.
  • Summary of current payment processors: NFC payments, Google Payments, Apple Payments, Samsung Payments, etc.
  • Quarantine’s Top 10 Phishing Targets
  • Password Management.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – is it worth it?
  • Back up your data.
  • What the hell is a vector?