Meet Well IQ


Meet Peter Harnish, San Diego resident and CEO of Well IQ. I’ve known him professionally as a Technology Manager, eCommerce Architect (hello Sony Style) but more importantly, he’s an old friend. And in this discussion, I wanted to steal a few short minutes to deconstruct Well IQ – the accessible survey platform which strengthens patient and provider relationships.


  • What is Well IQ and what compelled you to move forward with this initiative?
  • How long has your service been available to the market?
  • Unpack this statement for me: Well iQ is a real-time feedback platform designed to improve patient-provider relationships and patient satisfaction.
  • What kind of feedback is deemed necessary for your ecosystem? It looks like this is the centerpiece between provider, patient and family.
  • PointClickCare – tell me about them?
  • A DOT ORG vs. A DOT COM – interesting, why?!


Check Well IQ out on their website, or feel free to reach out to Peter directly by email, for more details.

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