Dear Gen Z

Dear Gen Z,

I hope this voicemail finds you well. Hey look…the reason why I’m calling today is because I wanted to speak to those of you who have logged off from this oversaturated tech world. I’m inspired by an article from The Guardian, which sheds light on a growing trend of young people who have consciously abandoned social media. 

I’m looking to simply understand. I’d like to understand what the positives are for saying sayonara to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. I could easily come up with reasons why I’d abandon it. Yes, I’ve thought about it multiple times and at minimum I’ve already removed most social media apps from my phone. Thanks Digital Minimalism. And as a young father squinting at the ingredients list of these digital jelly beans, it extends my curiosity. Furthermore, I’m looking to forecast alongside you on what the world may look like as we move forward with our pocket-sized super computers.

Let it be known that this channel is a safe space, not dependent on any social media metric such as likes, follows or comments. It is very much dependent on you and your sincerity throughout. So if you have a few minutes, and would like to go on the record to speak of a topic which may be corollary to mental health, cyber bullying, privacy and more, please don’t hesitate to give me a buzz.

Thanks and Aloha.

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