Meet My Working Soul


My Working Soul is a unique business and career resource, offering targeted, full-cycle support for career professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Today we’ll be talking with Corrine Ishio, My Working Soul Founder and CEO. Corrine is an accomplished people leader, with a background in talent acquisition, entrepreneurship, communications, and networking. She got her start recruiting in the highly competitive tech industry in San Diego, CA – and was inspired to pursue entrepreneurship after her experiences supporting startups in the emerging cannabis, e-Commerce and online media industries.

Highlighted Topics

  • In a nutshell, if the elevator door was closing between us, what does My Working Soul do?
  • What type of personas/personalities would be best suited for leveraging My Working Soul as a career resource?
  • Passionate about growth and development…fair. But I must ask how/why/what compels that virtue by itself?
  • Are you ever met with some resistance when providing input to your clients (individual/org)? Especially executive-level leadership.
  • Yoga as part of My Working Soul’s offerings…but why?
  • An avid reader I see…I’m in over my head talking to you about Victorian literature, so I won’t go there. But…implications of artificial intelligence in a digital economy. Let’s go there. Tell me what’s up.
  • How are you studying multiple languages at this time? Books, online, both?


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