When To Call It Quits (UX Edition)

Welcome to Season 3 of the allwebSD podcast! I’m back bringing stories to the foreground within the San Diego tech community and today I’m opening up this season with an awkward subject.

Simply put, when to call it quits

Today, I’m here with my former coworker who is helping me understand just that. His name is Greg Schumsky and I had the privilege of working with him for a little over 6 months on a digital project within the consumer sleep space.

Here’s a bit about Greg – he drives a DeLorean almost daily and built a remote controlled R2D2 out of God knows what. It’s accurate enough that I think Disney would want to acquire it. 

But today he is working on his bigger creative dreams, which I’ll let him disclose should he want to but for the most part he’s here to clear things up on today’s topic.

You see Greg decided to do just that. Specifically within the UX side of our digital world and I wanted to know why. So here he is, opening up his heart as to why that decision was necessary in his creative career.

Best advice I can give is to be flexible…and don’t take anything personally.

Greg Schumsky, Maker of Music and Dreamer of Dreams at Acorn Entertainment Group, Inc.

Highlighted Topics

  • “UX Design is just not me or a thing I want to be a part of…”
  • “I really don’t know who’s to blame for that happening, yet no one seems interested in fixing that…Yes, you can fight them on it if you wish, but at the end of the day, they will always win.”


For anyone listening, it’s important to pull certain elements from this as you blaze your own path but for the most part, leave the rest in passing. Greg’s story and experience is unique and I’m thankful that we got this chance to reconnect and gain perspective.