The Angry Developer


Developers. How many companies have them? The developer suffix is often prepended with any of the following: Front End, Back End, iOS, Android, Web, Full Stack, Embedded, Software, Desktop, Middle Tier, etc. 

But what about The Angry Developer? You know who I’m talking about. That one developer always wrapped in angst, flips out on scope changes or constantly punts back, it works on my machine. Okay, that last one might be a stretch because honestly, that could be any developer under any circumstance.

But back to the point and I must confess, I’m very much guilty of being that person. When I first got into this industry, I picked up some bad habits and I wanted to send notice on my mistakes and offer suggestions, in case you ever feel angry when in the trenches of code.

Choose Your Role Models Wisely 

It’s your first day at the company and you’re meeting people left and right. You follow certain personalities on social media. Be extra mindful on who you choose to fold into your own. In the beginning of my career, I was seriously just excited to do web. But I never thought beyond the task and the level of detail which takes place after receiving the opportunity, namely your soft skills.

What I can tell you is that Austin 3:16 may work in the squared circle but you should think twice before bringing the rattlesnake into a conference room. 

Take a break and meditate.

Embrace Criticism

Criticism – both good and bad will exist in the workplace. It just happens. It’s a song and dance you and your coworkers are playing at every turn, especially if you’re in a position which literally produces an experience. Rest assured, nothing is perfect. Facebook, Google and the start-ups of today still go through their examinations before throwing something out into the wild. Remember, your customer doesn’t know you by name. But they do know how they’d feel after a first pass at your product or service. Criticism, in my opinion is an inclusive exercise when inside your office space. But once it exits that door, the customer’s critique will always be exclusive.

It’s Just A Job

This comment won’t win any stars with recruiters or your boss but when you distill all things into its basic parts, it very much is that…a job. Payment in exchange for your service and time. When you’re done with the day, go home owning that simple fact. There are no additional burdens to carry into your night and it’ll help you get that mental break you need in this insanely fast paced world.

Additional Tips & Tricks

  • Insight Timer – a FREE meditation app I’ve used since 2017. They have paid programs as well but their free service is honest enough for you to enjoy, FOREVER.
  • Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual – a book which brushes on the hard bits of software development: dealing with clients, peers, managers, staying productive and more.


I had to get this one off my chest. 2020 has been quite a rodeo to say the least and with our zoom skills increasing and our soft skills not getting its fair shake, I figured now was the time to bring back the human elements needed in an ever abundant remote work ecosystem.


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