The Loaded Question


What’s up everyone and welcome back to AllWebSD. As 2021 unpacks itself the recruiting season is once again in full swing. And as companies unleash their budgets for their next round of hires its a no-brainer that you may get a call. Sometimes its a tech recruiter gauging your interest. But every now and again you might get called because someone marked you as a professional reference.

And that’s what leads me into tonight’s topic.

You see, that very much happened just a few hours ago and one question in particular felt like an awkward one to answer.

The Loaded Question

What are some of his/her weaknesses?

– Hiring Manager

Dear Recruiters

What can I say? Obviously, if someone inks me in as a professional reference, I intend on outlining the brightest attributes about this person. I’m going to deliver, in real-time, a series of bullet points as to why this person is more than qualified for the role on hand. I’m not placed on a short-list to bad mouth my peer. I was called to spotlight what could help you make a more informed decision.

That said, I’m not foolish on the inquiry either. I understand that to even get this far into the conversation, my peer must have done well enough to make it to that next step.

But what gives? I’m hard-pressed to find something sensical with this specific question. What does a question like this serve? Where would you like me to begin? How does my answer play into the company’s philosophy? Better yet, how does my answer play into the Hiring Manager’s psychology?

Dear Listeners

This is definitely food for thought. And I have to throw it out there into the universe and ask…how on Earth do you answer the loaded question? And is honesty an effective solution which can surpass the inherent negative bias?

Think about it and let me know!

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