Introducing The Digital Bridge


Welcome to Season 9 of AllWebSD. This season is dedicated to my colleagues at the San Diego Futures Foundation and today I’m in collaboration with Teresa Valenzuela, Community Outreach Manager for SDFF and we’re here to expand on a new initiative developed on their behalf called the Digital Bridge.

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Highlighted Topics

  1. What is the Digital Bridge Initiative all about?
  2. How exactly does the Digital Bridge Initiative work?
  3. How can individuals and organizations get involved with this initiative?
  4. Are there any success stories or noteworthy outcomes from this initiative?
  5. How will success be defined for this type of program?
  6. Final thoughts.

Thanks again for listening in. Remember, I’m here to foster innovation through conversation. So if you’d like to continue this discussion or any topics previously discussed, go head first into our Discord server by clicking the link on the footer of Otherwise, you can find me on occasion at San Diego Tech Hub’s monthly meetups. For more details on that, go to Thanks and Aloha!