CompTIA Graduating Class of 2022


Today, I am joined by Janaira Quigley from the San Diego Futures Foundation. And in this discussion, we go head first into spotlighting their privately funded program, called CompTIA A+ certification, a paid internship designed for students transitioning into an IT profession.

Highlighted Topics

  • What is CompTIA on a high-level?
  • Who are the graduates from this certification and what are their backgrounds?
  • What skills are the students geared with upon completion?
  • What were some challenges on executing this program in light of the pandemic?
  • What’s next for San Diego Futures Foundation now that the program has ended?
  • What is SD Access For All?
  • Alternative ways to support SD Futures (in my case it’s through AmazonSmile)?


If you are interested in hiring for an entry level position, please reach out to Janaira regarding the CompTIA A+ certified graduating interns. She can be reached at 619-391-0050 x225 or

They are also looking to develop their resource database for the City of San Diego’s Digital Navigator program. Please use the Tech Resource Asset Mapping link to tell them about your organization that can provide free or low-cost tech services.

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