jQuery Visual QuickStart Guide

jQuery is a JavaScript library full of tools ready to be used—which means that it's prewritten JavaScript, ready for you to put work in your own Web pages. In this book, you get a guided tour of what makes jQuery so popular.

Ch1: Essential jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library that comes in a JavaScript file with the extension .js You can get jQuery from the official jQuery site, www.jquery.com

Ch2: Selecting Elements the jQuery Way

One of jQuery's specialties is letting you select page elements so you can work on them. Using the jQuery selectors lets you select page elements so you can work on them in JavaScript, not just with CSS styles.

Ch3: Working with Elements the jQuery Way

Take a guided tour of jQuery's features for working with the elements and attributes in a page— all designed to let you access and manipulate page elements easily.

Ch4: Working with Events

Events let you respond to user actions such as clicks, double-clicks, mouse movements, and keystrokes. jQuery unifies event handling in multiple browsers, whereas cross-browser event handling in straight JavaScript is a nightmare.

Ch5: Visual Effects and Animation

jQuery supports the full range of visual effects and animation. These effects can give your Web pages a very professional and dynamic appearance. this chapter shows you what jQuery has to offer.

Ch6: The jQuery Utility Functions

jQuery has a number of utility functions built in to make everyday JavaScript tasks easier. These functions are named jquery.XXX() where XXX() is the name of the function. Also referred as, $.XXX()

Ch7: Jumping into AJAX

Ajax is a tool for creating rich, interactive Web applications—and with jQuery you can easily implement it in to your Web pages. With Ajax, you can communicate with the server behind the scenes, with no page refresh.

Ch8: Using the Full Power of Ajax

For full fledged tasks, jQuery provides the full-fledged $.ajax() function. This function gives you access to the full power of Ajax, while still staying in jQuery.

Ch9: Using the jQuery Widgets

A widget is a control(controls are the text boxes, list boxes, buttons, and so on in a web page) that augments what's available in standard HTML.

Ch. 9 source code provided by, jQuery Documentation