Reverse Proxy a Solr Instance

It’s encouraged that you secure your Solr instance by placing the application on a different file server and behind a firewall. That’s an issue if you are trying to consume data from the Solr instance leveraging AJAX techniques.


Flowchart of a reverse proxy directive that rests on’s httpd.conf file.


  • and Apache Solr live on separate boxes.
  • A firewall protecting Apache Solr plus the cross-domain issue does not expose the necessary end-point to consume via AJAX.
  • Depending on your sys admin setups, Solr may not live on a fully qualified domain (ie.
  • An AJAX call to consume the Solr instance’s JSON/XML won’t work cross-domain.


  • Reverse Proxy directive, mod_proxy – Apache HTTP Server
  • This allows for an endpoint that is visible to the browser and we can consume the JSON/XML that rests within the Solr instance.

ProxyPass /solr
ProxyPassReverse /solr

Don’t forget to apply a RewriteRule Directive to protect the Solr admin panel, once you’ve exposed it to the browser!