Removing Gender from HTML Forms


Meet Tiffany, Senior Product Designer at AliveCor Inc. and an old coworker/friend in a previous startup life! Today we’ll be going head first into the idea of gender in the modern day world and how that may redefine how we move forward building out our digital experiences.

Highlighted Topics

“Neither end of the [male/female] spectrum is a suitable way of expressing the gender I am,” Wilson says. “Sometimes I feel ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ at the same time, and other times I reject the two terms entirely.”

BBC – Beyond ‘he’ and ‘she’: The rise of non-binary pronouns


We’ll stew on this for a moment and follow up at a later date. For now, feel free to outreach with Tiffany directly on LinkedIn, buy a print from her new store and enjoy the gallery on Instagram. Also, the article she mentions regarding sex and gender and its impact on health research can be found here.

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